Engage 09 – Something Blue – Celebrations Final Party

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Engage 09 – Something Blue – Celebrations Final Party

After the fantastic welcome party on the beach, the challenge was pretty big, to put on a night to remember that stacked up and that everyone would have fun at! I am elated at how much fun and how well this party went! Big challenge for local company Celebrations…. but we love a challenge! It could not have been any better… and I hope all the Engage 09 attendees agree… it certainly seemed so! The truth is… no one wanted to leave!Want to hear a little secret? Rebecca of Engaging Concepts didn’t think we’ll need a dance floor, and that people probably won’t dance and that it will be more like talking, networking etc. To this I said :”Well in fact I have designed the room with two dance floors.” I could see the puzzled look on her face! But guess what, we partied alright!!

I want to say special thanks to DJ Craig, and all of the great entertainers, Gary Ebanks on saxophone, Kate Allenger on violins, Eden Hurlston on congas, and Glenn Scot on guitars for the fantastic music! Not to be forgotten for a moment, the finishing touch, our partners Intec Lighting & Production for an outstanding job and of course the Ritz Carlton’s entire team, together we all cooked up a party of style and significance.We’ve put together a small video to show how successful the party was. Thanks to David Wolfe for taking great photos of the party! Hope you enjoy the video!!!

To view the still photos, click here.
Keep checking us for more about Engage! 09 as there is so much more to share.

2 thoughts on “Engage 09 – Something Blue – Celebrations Final Party

  1. You did such an awesome job with the decor for this event. I took 100's of pics! Wish I wouldn't have missed randy & Sylvia bustin' a move!

  2. It was an absolutely phenomenal way to close a fantastic 3 days of insightful and inspirational interactions. What an incredible job you did, Celebrations!

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