Chris Martin & Gwyneth Paltrow, Harrison Ford & Calista Flockhart, Orlando Bloom & Victoria’s secret top model Miranda Kerr, Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos and Mariah Carey with Nick Canon. What do these couples share in common besides their celebrity status? They all eloped!

With all these celebrities starting the trend, over the past couple of years, we’ve observed that there has been a huge surge in the number of couples choosing to quietly tie the knot instead of going the traditional route. The most common reasons that couples choose to elope is to take the pressure away from the planning and allow the couple to better enjoy the sentiment of the ceremony. Not only does it ease responsibilities, it can also cost a whole lot less!

Why elope to the Cayman Islands? Besides the fact that it is a truly beautiful island blessed with the best beaches and warmest people and perfect weather almost all year round, it is also very accessible from all major US international airports. Check out the requirements for tying the knot in Cayman!

Despite being a small group of islands in the Caribbean, Cayman offers a wide spectrum of venue choices, from world famous Seven Mile Beach, botanical gardens, luxury resorts and private villas. Boasting a huge array of talented vendors, ranging from photographers to musicians, the possibilities are endless.

The choices don’t stop there! We’ve come up with a list of the top attractions and experiences that make the Caymans the place to say “I Do”.

1. Special tasting menus at restaurants. Read more on the culinary feast that are available to you here in Cayman here.

or even get VIP treatment by hiring a personal chef to cater to your gustatory desires!


2. Helicopter rides for two, private jaunts over to Little Cayman for a private meal on a private beach


3. Couple dives, parasailing, kite boarding, paddle boarding and  hiking (for the outdoorsy couple). Find out more activity ideas while here in Cayman!


4. Experience the surreal  at Cayman Ka’si bio-luminescence tour


5.  Luxury spa services at top resorts and hotels


6. Take a piece of Cayman home. From tax-free shopping, to local Caymanite jewelry, there’s something here for everyone.



With all these options open to you and your husband, eloping in Cayman might just be the best decision you make as a couple!

Cayman Islands  doesn’t only allow couples to save money, it offers couples the opportunity to extend their celebrations. We predict many more couples to take the approach of Marry Now, Party Later in 2013 and focus more on the romance of marrying, just the two of you. Combining traditional values with at-home celebrations following the vows.