Eat Cake!!! – Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Cake

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Eat Cake!!! – Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Cake


If you have a sweet tooth like I do, choosing your wedding cake should be a yummy treat!  However, this task is not as easy as letting your taste buds leading you to THE CAKE. There are other factors that need to be considered when making this decision. So, here’s our list of the things you have to consider when picking your wedding cake.


1. TIME. If you are one of the many  who don’t have a firm idea as to what wedding cake you like, then planning ahead is essential. You should have enough time to look around, gather design inspirations and figuring out how much you want to spend on your wedding cake.


2. INSPIRATION.  Long gone are the days of cookie cutter wedding cakes topped with plastic bride and groom cake toppers. Thankfully, wedding cakes are now reflective of the style of the wedding. Inspiration can come from the bridal gown, the flowers being used in the wedding, some graphic design aspect of the invitation or the couple’s monogram.  If you already have a design that you’ve had in your head for years, chances are someone has already got there first. Sorry, but it’s actually a good thing! So go and explore Pinterest and Google Images and figure out how you can personalize your cake and make it your own!



3. COLLECT & SELECT. Do your research online as to who will best create the wedding cake of your dreams.  List down their names. Choose a couple who you feel is able to carry your cake design. Cake designers have a style too! So it will be best to know if your style and the cake designer’s style are a perfect match. If you are a destination bride,  ask for recommendations from your planners.


4. DESIGN. Once you have chosen your cake designer, then it is time to design. Make sure you bring in photos of your wedding cake inspirations. Encourage your cake designer to be creative, play with colours and patterns, with flowers and shapes and also with flavours.


Give your cake a story. Maybe the fondant detailing matches a graphic from your invitation, a lace pattern that was taken from your mom’s veil or your wedding monogram. The details make it personal, so go that extra step to make it special.


5. TASTE. This is the part we love the most! As a rule, your cake should not only look great but it is should also taste amazing!  Make sure you have a cake tasting session. Take your wedding planner with you. ( Hint. Hint.) Never assume that the flavours you have selected will taste great together. This is also the part that we would encourage you to reign in your adventurous palate by choosing a flavour that will be enjoyed by all your guests, not just by you! But if you must have that exotic flavour  of pomegranates with  orange chocolate, and blends of creamy textures with exotic fruits, then ask your designer to put it into the top layer, and leave the widely- popular flavours such as vanilla, strawberry or chocolate for the bottom cake to be shared amongst your guests.




6. PRESENTATION. You have spent some considerable time figuring out the wedding cake of your dreams, then when you see it on your wedding day, it’s on full display on a table draped with some standard white linen. That fab wedding cake went quickly to drab just because you didn’t spend time to make sure that it is displayed as the work of art that it is. Talk to your wedding planner/designer about designing a cake table worthy of your piece of art. Use mirrored table tops, candles, flowers,  luxury linens, lights — anything to make your cake a further stand out!


7. ENJOY. Have a piece of your cake, share it with your guests,  share it with us if you must. We never say no to cake.



3 thoughts on “Eat Cake!!! – Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Cake

  1. I thought it was great how you said to plan ahead when choosing a wedding cake so that you can gather design inspirations and figure out how much you want to spend. My sister is getting married in a few months and she has not taken any time to figure out what kind of cake she wants for the reception. It may be smart for her to find a company that can help her decide on the best cake for her wedding.

    1. Thanks for the comment Dean! We understand how busy a bride can be when planning her dream day, and how some things can get shifted down the list of to-dos. You can help her out by sharing this article and helping her with choosing a cake – the tasting is one of the best parts! :)

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