Easter is the best season to celebrate colours and introduce them into your home for your family get-together! Spring colours in all shades of pinks, yellows, greens, blues, and purples come out to play. One wonderful thing about color is that it can easily change the mood, whether you go for the soft pastel tones, or if bright and cheerful ones are more your palette. They all work well at this time of year! It really comes down to what suits your style and your home best. Here are some easy ways to brighten your home for Easter and bring the delight of your personal style into each part!

The best way to create the perfect vision of Easter décor is the use of flowers! As Easter falls in Spring, you have at your disposal lovely spring flowers like, tulips, Easter lilies, hyacinths, lisianthus, daffodils, irises, and so much more. If your are ordering your fresh floral from your local floral shop, it is best to tell the floral designer what the area your floral will sit in looks like, the colour scheme and style of your space are important for the type of container and overall look. Or if you are a DIY person, you can use just about anything as a vase for your creation that will suit your style including baskets, jars, tin cans, drinking goblets, egg cups, bowls, and of course vases of all shapes and sizes. The floral in your decorative piece in either case can be a bountiful mixed bouquet – perfect for Spring time – or a collection of one type of Spring flower, like an array of colourful tulips.



The next best way to infuse Easter’s lovely palette is into the dinner table is through the use of vibrant linens. With simple items like tablecloths, table runners, and napkins – linens have a way of creating a different ambiance for your celebration. Don’t shy away from prints! Just as long as they are in the Spring shades, it will work! Don’t be afraid to mix and match plains and prints or you could incorporate patterns too! Ribbons, tissue paper and gift wrapping paper can be your best friend in making your tablescape more interesting. Bunched tissue in the shape of flowers really adds the pop of Spring festivities and you can even use paper and ribbon to accent your vases! Be playful, be creative!



Chocolates, candies and all the sweet treats we associate with Easter can also be used as part of your décor. You can store them in transparent vases or containers and have them out for display! They are indeed edible décor that everyone will enjoy!



Your choice of drinks can also be used too! Juices, sodas and even alcoholic beverages like Mimosas, Martinis can be used to bring out more of this holiday’s colours and ambiance!

Easter comes only once a year! So don’t waste it on another bland get-together. Enjoy it, and indulge in the fabulous colors, flowers and all the décor options available to you! Let us know how you do!