If you’re looking at saving some money when hosting your next party without compromising the attention to details, look no further because we have put together some of the most fab DIY ideas we’ve come across!

1. 3D numbers and letters. These could be used as table numbers or as great addition to any decor tableau. It’s very cheap and so easy  to make!  Learn how here.  You can totally customize these by adding textures, fabric or even glitter!


2. Fab desserts in a snap!  These are not only easy on the eye, but they definitely will fulfill any sweet cravings! Perfect for any occasion.

Marshmallows, chocolates and candy sprinkles spell eye candy! DIY instructions here.

How about these wonderful Jello fruit slices.

3. Dare to be bold with neon colors!!!

Don’t you love these spring-inspired neon vases ? We do! In fact, we adore them. Learn how to do these yourselves.

Check out how to do the graphic neon vase here.

4. Glittered mason jars! From rustic to elegant, this DIY project will take your ordinary jars (or bottles) another notch by adding some glitter! Perfect for ambient lighting or as vessels for your floral arrangements.


5. 3d paper balls. These are so chic and could go well with any events, birthdays, showers or even weddings. Here’s the DIY tutorial. 

6. Glow sticks inside balloons. What a groovy idea!


Try out some (if not all) of these fab DIY projects and let us know how it turned out! Go ahead and explore your inner designer diva!