If you are in love with those old fashioned apple crate centerpieces you have been seeing everywhere? Well guess what, Jenn from Build-Basic, is here to take you through the steps to your own dream centerpieces yourself!  This DIY paint stir stick flower box is surprisingly simple, plus we even give you the bouquet recipe for the fab florals she filled them with!



Tape Measure
Hand Staple Gun
Paint pen
1/2 inch square dowel
Paint Stir Sticks
3/4 inch Staples
Wood Glue

materials stainstirsticksanddowels

Step 1:
Cut paint sticks and square dowel to size using the cut list below, then stain them.

Paint sticks: (8) 7 inch,  (8) 12 inch,  (4) 11 3/4 inch
Dowels: (6) 5 1/4 inch

Step 2:
To create overlapped corners, position the paint sticks so that one end overhangs the square dowels by 1/8 inch (the same thickness of the paint sticks). Alternate the overhanging edges as shown in the diagram below. Apply a dot of wood glue beneath the paint stick, and then secure it with a staple. Continue gluing and stapling, allowing about 1/4 inch spacing between the slats. Top and bottom paint sticks should be flush with the ends of the dowels

buildingdiagram assembleflowerbox

Step 3:
Create a cleat for the floor slats to attach to, glue, and staple a square dowel along the inside of each assembled wall, flush with its bottom edge.

Step 4:
Lay long slats across the dowels, alternating their overhanging ends as shown in the diagram. Apply glue and staple. Paint over exposed staples with paint pen.

Step 5:
Create the base of the flower box, lay the 11¾ inch paint sticks onto the interior cleats. Space them evenly, glue and staple them in place.


Now it’s time to fill your cute new flower box with a fresh centerpiece, and we have just the recipe for you!

Bouquet Recipe:
Pink Spray Rose, Seeded Eucalyptus, Barbados Spray Rose, White Stock, White Hydrangea, Light Pink Rose, and Juniper Sprig

floralcenterpiece diypaintstirstickflowerbox


DIY Design: Build-Basic
Photography: Ashley Largesse Photography