Fresh Flowers
Banner Template (FYI It’s a little less than 50 inches wide)
Wording Template (Optional, write your own if you are more gifted in the handwriting department than me! Important: Set your printer to “borderless” for the paper option)
White Paint Pen
Hot Glue


Cut out your banner template and put it together using the letters as a guide. Lay it on top of your cardboard and trace. You can easily make this wider if you’d like, just use the template as your initial guideline.


Cut out your cardboard, carefully! You want smooth edges here, unless you plan on covering them all.


If you’re using the wording template (or other printed words), flip the paper over and color over the backside of all the letters with a pencil. Then flip it back over and line it up on your banner.


Trace over all the edges of your words. The pencil you colored on the back will allow it to transfer an outline to the cardboard…


See! Awesome. Now fill in all of your letters with your paint pen.


Let dry completely.


You can do all the above prep work in advance of Mother’s Day, or any other celebration, but save the flowers for the morning of. To add flowers, snip your stems just below the bloom and use hot glue to adhere them to the banner. Try to touch the petals as little as possible, which sounds impossible, but if you hold the bloom from underneath, that’s best!




Keep adding flowers until you’re happy…



And BAM! A flower banner!!

To hang or display your banner, I recommend using Command poster strips, as they’ll pop right off your walls easily. You can also rest the banner on a table or mantle if you don’t want to actually hang it. Depending on the thickness of the coardboard or other board you use, be sure to support the banner in the middle when transporting. The ranunculus on my banner looked good for over 24 hours, the roses wilted a little faster than that. How long your flowers will last will depend on the type used, and their freshness.






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