Hanging filled, clear baubles looks a little bit whimsical, and are an ideal alternative to the usual floral centerpieces.

You can purchase them from craft stores and fill them with whatever suits your theme, for example little shells for a beach wedding.6a0120a65f64b9970c017c345200f3970b-580wi



To make your baubles you will need:

Heart  Transparent glass baubles with removable tops.  We brought ours from Amazon but try craft shops or Christmas shops.  Just make sure you go for baubles with a seamless finish to best display your “fillings”
Heart  Decorative items to fill your baubles; choose from glitter to sequins to artificial snow!  Visit your local craft shop for inspiration.
Heart  Ribbon, twine or yarn to hang your baubles.

To create your own baubles, take the transparent baubles and remove the tops from each.  You may find that it is helpful to stand your baubles up in the container they come in to make it easier to add your decorative touches.  Then simply take your choice of decoration and carefully insert into the bauble.  There are only two restrictions here – your imagination and the opening of the bauble!

Make sure you check the diameter of the neck of the opening before you start buying pieces to add in; the glass at the neck of the bauble will be very fragile so you need to be quite delicate and avoid forcing any larger objects through.