Photography by Jim Gates

So, you’ve finally made up your mind as to where you want to tie the knot, the beach it is! Being an island girl I have to say great choice! Cool breeze, sparkling white sand, stunning azure seas, sounds like every girl’s dream wedding location. The Caribbean has some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches and an almost year round warm and sunny weather, you can’t go wrong with any of the islands of the Caribbean.

Photography by: Rebecca Davidson

The next decision you need to make is what would you wear? Train or no train? Lace or silk? Veil or no veil? Empire or straight cut? V-neck or halter? Silk or Taffeta? What about your bridal party, what should they wear too?

Photography by Rebecca Davidson

Before you drown yourself in all these choices you need to make, first KEEP CALM and read on. We’ve put together a short list of the things you should consider when choosing what to wear for your beach wedding.

Photography by Rebecca Davidson

1. Beach destination weddings = sand. We all know when you walk on sand, you will sink a little. Hence the length of your gown is important. If you have already chosen a full length gown, get your seamstress to hem it to a little above your ankles. Beach weddings are more informal than indoor weddings making cocktail or a tea-length wedding dresses acceptable. With these two choices, you won’t have to worry about sand in your dress.

Photography by: Aaron Rebarchek

2. Outdoors = chances of sudden gusts of wind. Don’t take chances with poufy or multi-layered dresses. You don’t want to overexpose yourself when a sudden gust of wind comes along. Choose something with a silhouette shape, one that you will feel comfortable and confident in.

Photography by Aaron Rebarchek

3. Fabric. Pick a gown made of premium, featherweight materials such as charmeuse, silk, organza, crepe or chiffon. These fabrics are light and easy to pack, perfect for travel to your destination location and ideal for the warm Caribbean weather too!

4. Caribbean weather is mostly warm, so avoid heavy beading or multiple layers of heavy fabric. You would want to be a radiant bride not a sweaty one!

Photography by Aaron Rebarchek

5.  Don’t be afraid to express your own personal style! It is your wedding after all.To wear a veil or not? This really all depends on you. Again, you have to consider the wind. So if you do decide to wear a veil, make it short so that it would be manageable if ever the wind blows. If however, you do decide to forego the veil, you can always accentuate your hair with barrettes, flowers, headbands etc.

Photography by Rebecca Davidson

As for your bridesmaid’s, choose something light and fresh. Make use of some of the beach-themed palettes, blue, green, peach. Their dresses need be as formal as traditional weddings but this is no reason to forego style too! There are so many stylish and stunning dresses available for your bridesmaids. Have fun with accessories too!

Photography by Donna Von Bruenig