Were you awarded the responsibility of Maid of Honor? This is a HUGE responsibility! MASSIVE! No pressure. Above all, however, it’s a touching title given to you by someone who clearly thinks of you as one who is most deserving of sharing this highest honor and title on this life-changing day in her life. Now, on to the tasks involved – one of which is ensuring NOTHING GOES WRONG! We are here to suggest a VERY cute maid of honor DIY gift for the bride: An EMERGENCY Kit!

Sharing from TheKnot

This is probably one of the most useful, creative and equally cute wedding day emergency kits we’ve ever seen. Once you make your no-sew pin cushion lid (for those all-powerful safety pins!) fill a widemouthed mason jar with travel sized versions of toiletries, hotel sewing kits and handy problem solvers like stain wipes. Package it with a pretty ribbon and tag, then gift it to your bride at the bachelorette party of bridal shower so she knows she’ll be prepared for anything. Elena Sullivan of the crafty blog ‘A Cassarella shows us how easy it is to make the kit below. (And if you’re not in the mood to DIY, go ahead and buy one from her shop here!)



Widemouthed mason jar
Card stock
Hot glue gun
Emergency supplies of your choice (Some ideas include: bobby pins, Advil, eye drops, lip balm, tissues, hairspray, Band-aids, mints, disposable toothbrushes, stain wipes, Tums, Q-tips, nail file, mini sewing kit, scissors, Q-tips, static spray, snacks)


1. To make the pin cushion lid, cut out a circle of muslin about two inches wider than your jar lid. Place the muslin circle on top of the mason jar band (the metal ring, not the flat circle).

2. Take a handful of batting (you could use cotton balls in a pinch!) and put it on top of the muslin. Place the flat circular part of the mason jar lid on top of the batting. Push it through so that it is flush against the inside of the ring. This will force the batting and fabric through the hole making a pin cushion effect.

3. Pull the fabric edges as taut as you can and hot glue them to the jar lid.

4. Cut a circle out of card stock and hot glue on top of the rough edges of muslin.

5. Fill your jar with the emergency supplies. After giving your hot glue some time to dry, screw the lid onto the jar and stick some safety pins into the pin cushion.

6. Make a label with card stock and tie to your the lip of your jar with ribbon.