Creative ways macarons can decorate your event

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Creative ways macarons can decorate your event

It’s amazing what a few food markers and some varying colored macarons can do to boost your decor game, transitioning from delicious little rounds of sugar to centerpieces in no time! All you need is a little bit of patience and a fair amount of precision – no big deal! Let’s jump right in to our wow factor. Images are courtesy of Sugar & Cloth.

1) Beach Bum!

MS4A6706Β MS4A6675

2) Sprinkles & Ice Cream

MS4A6675 MS4A6706


3) 50 Shades of Brunch

MS4A6706 MS4A6675


4) Abstract Love

DIY-art-macarons-023 DIY-art-macarons-049


5) Talking Macarons

MS4A6843-3 MS4A6889


6) Juicy Fruit

DIY-fruit-macarons-151 DIY-fruit-macarons-279


7) Edible Gold

DIY-fruit-macarons-279 MS4A6675


8) Cupid’s Arrow

DIY-fruit-macarons-279 MS4A6675


9) Bunny Love

macaron-bunnies-100 macaron-bunnies-156

*Creative ways macarons can decorate your event*

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