YAY you’re having a baby– firstly congratulations. Whether you’re the baby momma or a friend/relative, this an exciting time. Planning baby showers are so special, there an event that brings your nearest and dearest together to celebrate a new life! There are so many themes you can role with which can get over whelming…. But equally your worried of using the stereotypical ideas we’ve seen done a thousand times before

Here at celebrations, we’ve put our brains together and done some research for some new and innovative themes.

Parisian Theme

Think Parisian café vibes, this décor WILL be beautiful and detailed.
You could use vintage bikes, chalk boards and baskets for additional décor.
Food? Why not serve mini baguettes wrapped in paper and twine, croissants, madeleines, and macarons.

Boho “Moon Child”

This is definitely the hottest trend of 2022! We are in love with this look. Lets Create the perfect boho-vibe-chic by incorporating neutral earth tones, rattan furniture, baskets and elements of wood. There’s so much that can be done with this theme, and it makes an aesthetically pleasing for those Instagram photos.

Teddys Bears Picnic 

We can bearly wait’ … I know so cute! This theme works so well if you’re keeping the babies sex a surprise or just wanting to remain gender neutral. Using teddy bears as the clear theme, you can incorporate these cuties into your centerpieces, back drops and area décor. We recommend using browns, beiges and creams combined in the way of balloons, fabrics, and furniture.
Food can be fun – why not host your Teddy bears picnic in a garden and have serve sandwiches and sweet treats in baskets.

To the Moon & Back

Think navy back drops, gold and silver spacey accents. What a wonderful theme to choose to welcome your little star! You can choose cosmic inspired foods & treats like star cookies and moon cake pops. Using different fabrics, balloon arches and props it makes the most beautiful theme.

Taco about a Baby

Potentially one of the best party themes ive ever heard. As a Mexican cuisine lover this is such a fun and creative idea!
Give your guests a new experience from the typical ‘cute’ baby shower and incorporate bright colors, fantastic food stations and fun Mexican inspired games.

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Written By: Charlotte Loughead

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