Here is our compilation of citrus table arrangements that will inspire your summer hosting – guaranteed! Nothing is more fresh or inviting than the scent of citrus and the bright summer colors. So good. We’re already shaking in the anxiety of not crafting all of these RIGHT NOW! Love, love love!

Let’s go…

Citrus slices in the vase – this one requires two vases so not to taint the water for the flower stems. Insert the smaller vase into the larger one and insert the slices in between… voila! Perfect arrangement to compliment a kitchen, outdoor table or room full of light!

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No need to always slice for style. Go the beautiful rustic route by creating a centerpiece out of a wine crate or atop a vintage wooden table, using whole fruits!

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Gut a Pineapple and use as your vase for some tropical flair!




Add a full stem of fruit from the tree or even add a few branches to a centerpiece to give it some nature-inspired styling. Fresh from the garden!





Go the half slice route to emit the scent into the room while still displaying the beautiful inside of your favorite citrus fruits! Stick them with a stem and insert into any arrangement!

Why not mix a touch of modern and antique? An oversize apothecary jar can do the trick! (jar available at Celebrations, Camana Bay). Just add a branch with a couple of hanging fruit and you’ll have a piece with chic written all over it in no time!



But what about the Summer bride? Why not accent your bright or tropical arrangement with some gorgeous size-appropriate clementines? Just divine!



It’s not just a tabletop that can use dressing up for a dinner party, event or even your backyard! Use some wire and bare baskets to create your own fruit inspired chandeliers and accent the plates with their own fruit. Use as place settings but sticking them with paper flags and names of each guest!



We just love this three-tiered cake-inspired centerpiece. Perfectly lush and size-able for a dining room table!  You can go the tall route or the long route, whatever works best for the size of your table and number of guests. For best results, use typical flower fillers but try sticking to the ones that have colors, use miniature fruits and add some fresh herb – whatever best compliments the scents of the meal being served.





If you can get your hands on some exotic selection, that would be fabulous for arrangements of other colour schemes but keep in mind that you can always add some coloring to your centers!




Whole fruits in the vase are also a great way to add uniqueness to the table. And while we’ve dedicated this post to citrus inspired table accents, keep in mind that there are plenty of other fruits that could beautifully decorate your table… like apples, dragon fruit or kiwi slices…




Don’t forget about the romance of candles and champagne! Do the same with citrus slices for a candle-holder for an equally deliciously scented impact.


Fruit inspired pieces aren’t just for Summer. Check out this holiday piece below! Some pine, cranberries and dusts of cinnamon can do wonders to a table and the scent of a room in the winter!