The first of its kind in the Caribbean, Celebrations Ltd. installed it’s very own “Love Lock Wall” on The Paseo in Camana Bay in celebration of Valentine’s Day 2015 this past February.


The attraction remained on display for over 3 weeks, enticing attention as hundreds of tourists and locals marketing their love by attaching locks to the structure and throwing away the key. Since then, Celebrations Ltd. and the Cayman Turtle Farm have been in collaboration to get the fixture installed permanently for the thousands of tourists passing through the Cayman Turtle Farm entrance to enjoy.


Upon initial installation of the Love Lock Wall back in February, attention came from all corners of the globe with tourists and past residents of the Cayman Islands pledging via social media to return and mark their love, resulting in thousands of combined Facebook impressions.

Similar installations are found in cities around the world, where locks with a loved one’s name or initials inscribed are attached to walls, gates, fences, bridges and other structures. The Love Lock Wall has officially found a permanent in the Cayman Islands as an attraction for locals and tourists to lock their love to, joining the ranks of other tourist-friendly locales around the world.

The wall will remain under the care and constant monitoring, maintenance and expansion of the Celebrations Ltd. & Cayman Turtle Farm teams combined.


“Cayman Turtle Farm is delighted to be collaborating with other tourism-based businesses in Cayman to offer visitors positive memorable experiences, and our partnering with Celebrations to host the Love Lock Wall is a very charming example of those unforgettable memories being made in Cayman and demonstrated in a very visible, durable and meaningful way.” – Timothy Adam, Managing Director

“We are beyond thrilled to be joining forces with the Cayman Turtle Farm to create a home for this beautiful attraction and symbol of love. We’ve received an overwhelming amount of inquiries about the new location of the Love Lock Wall and we are proud to announce that we have found the perfect one!” – JoAnne V. Brown, CEO & Creative Director