Celebrations Huge Sale Countdown to Christmas!!!

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Celebrations Huge Sale Countdown to Christmas!!!

We are having a massive countdown to Christmas Sale starting today! “The 12 Days to Christmas Sale” will mean that we will have amazing discounts in store from now until Christmas!
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We will have lots of fun things going on at our retail shop. We’re having a Christmas Party for children so we’ll have a bouncing castle and treats all day! For adults we will be serving uip some cold champagne and lots of prizes and surprises!Joanne Brown, Celebrations, Cayman Islands,Cayman, Celebrations, Christmas Decor,Cayman, Celebrations, Christmas Decor
Here I am with the stars of Cayman’s local news CITN Daybreak, (L-R) John Foster, Sheena Hursltone & Cynthia Hew.

Christmas is fast approaching. This past few weekends alone have flown by in a blur with a jam-packed calendar of Corporate Christmas Events that the Celebrations Team has to orchestrate.
My family even wonders how I keep up with all the madness that Celebrations faces during this busy season. I always retort back by saying that if you are passionate with what you are doing, no matter how hectic/crazy/demanding any endeavour is, you’ll find yourself smiling every time.
And right now, my team and I are loving every minute of it!
Note to self: Post pictures of all these wonderful Christmas events soon.

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