The Power of the Purse Event in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

As our strong, confident and inspiring CEO & Creative director, JoAnne Brown, begins her journey of membership with the Business & Professional Women’s Club of Grand Cayman and our recent participation in Scotiabank’s charity golf event for the Caring For Life Foundation, we were delighted when both of those worlds beautifully collided to host Erin Brockovich speaking at the Ritz-Carlton in a day to raise funds for the Cayman Crisis Centre. In addition to raising funds for the Crisis Centre, the lovely Erin Brockovich was in Grand Cayman for Cayman’s Honoring Women Month (March). Her awe-inspiring speech summarized her efforts, the importance of – AND the need for ongoing efforts in the area of empowering women and other gender issues that still loom in 2015. In between our efforts with the United Nations #HeForShe gender equality movement, the Business & Professional Women’s Club, we are so pleased that as a female-owned company in the Cayman Islands we are able to do our part to contribute and expand awareness.

Check out these photos from today’s event featuring Ms Jo with the wonderful Erin Brockovich.

1) Kristin Dilbert; Erin Brockovich; JoAnne Brown, Celebrations Ltd.;

2) President of the BPW of GC, Andrea Williams; Erin Brockovich; Annie Multon;

3) A delicious and beautiful presentation of an Island baby green salad with grape tomatoes, mango & papaya, toasted coconut, and passion fruit lime dressing; for the entree, guava glazed chicken breast, boniato coconut mash, creamed callaloo; for the dessert, a delicious tropical cheesecake dome;

4) Dan Scott; Erin Brokovich; Betty Baraud; Sheree Ebanks;

Celebrations & Erin Brockovich