Celebrations Ltd. CEO & Creative Director, Jo Anne V. Brown, was invited to the exclusive and annual Destination Wedding Planners Congress – a closed invitation event which invited Planners from around the world to a different destination each year for 4 days of learning, networking, business development and immersion of the host destination. This year, the festivities took place in beautiful Phuket, Thailand where JoAnne was a featured Speaker, heading a panel on the subject of Emerging Markets in Destination Weddings.

The panel invited members of the BRIC nations to participate in the panel lead by JoAnne where the focus of the discussion was on potential clientele simply waiting to be introduced to new destinations, stemming from these emerging markets, and how to reach out to them. The BRIC nations are Brazil, Russia, India and China. The DWP Congress has recognized the Cayman Islands as a future emerging market and asked JoAnne to lead on the subject. The panel was voted one of the TOP panels of the Congress, forever embedding the beauty and potential of the BRIC Nations and the Cayman Islands in the memory of the audience and panelists alike.

We’re so excited to share more from the Congress as the photos and footage becomes available – stay tuned!