Cayman Islands Law School Parties Alice In Wonderland Style

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Cayman Islands Law School Parties Alice In Wonderland Style

We just LOVE events that engage our creativity! Cayman Islands Law School Gala dinner was that type of event. From the initial meeting, our client was sure they wanted their annual event to be stylized as a get-away to Wonderland. What a beautiful theme to get lost in! Let the pictures tell you the story.


The tablescape was a whimsical array of teapots, teacups, flowers, votive candles, toad stools, bright linens, doilies and a lot of bright colours!





Brightly coloured lanterns were strung all over the room.


While giant flowers were also scattered on the tables and in random areas too.


Custom painted Alice in Wonderland favorite characters and details were used to accentuate Β the stage. We also couldn’t resist throwing in a black and white dance floor.


A “Drink Me” bar? Why not!!!!


All these fun and whimsical event styling elements made for an event to remember!


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