Our floral room was extra busy with excited chatter and  giggles from young  students of the Cayman International School. Their field trip to Celebrations floral room is part of the brilliant initiative of Teacher Jody who wanted her students to see behind the scenes of what it is like in a floral shop and make connections to their classroom shop.

Here are the girls inside our cooler, feeling the cold air. How cute are these Caribbean kids! Between comments about how cold it was inside the cooler were shouts of glee when they can identify a particular flower!  One even was able to point out a Tiger Lily!  Joan, our head florist fielded questions such as: where did they come from, why are some in boxes while others in buckets, and what are the names of some of the exotic flowers.


Meanwhile, the boys had a great time observing Andre, one of our florists, while he created a simple floral arrangement.  Some observations  made were:  how odd the wet oasis felt and how amazing it was to see Andre turn a white spider Mum into purple! You could see the amazement in their eyes when Andre did his “magic trick”!


Both girls and boys took turns creating their mini arrangements. They all had been given the freedom to pick whatever flower they wanted in their arrangement. DSC_1055

Our budding florists busy making their very first floral arrangements!

When they were told that they could take their arrangements home, boy did their faces light up! One even asserted that he will plant his flowers in their garden. Adorbable!

Teacher Jody just sent us an email expressing how much fun our little apprentices had this morning:

“There are absolutely no words to express our sincere gratitude for the amazing field trip this morning.  It was extremely engaging, educational and so much fun.  When we got back to school today, the boys were pretty excited telling the girls about Mr Andre painting the white flower purple.  They were still talking about how cold the cooler was at the end of the day.   I will see you next year with a new crop of eager florists.  Thank you for fostering their creative side!”


To teacher Jody and the 15 adorably cute kids from Cayman International School, thank you for visiting us and bringing you creative energy! We look forward to hosting once again in the  near future.

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