Creative ways macarons can decorate your event

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Creative ways macarons can decorate your event

It’s amazing what a few food markers and some varying colored macarons can do to boost your decor game, transitioning from delicious little rounds of sugar to centerpieces in no time! All you need is a little bit of patience and a fair amount of precision – no big deal! Let’s jump right in to

Finally! Table Etiquette Simplified!

Finally! Table Etiquette Simplified! Check out this poster to ensure you’re keeping up on your up keep! There’s nothing worse than nervously ogling your neighbor’s fork at a formal dinner to figure out which one to use with your salad. AVOID THE AWKWARD with this handy poster!

10 chocolate ideas for your wedding day

1) Serve up kisses for your guests – of the chocolate variety, of course. 2) Guests will love dipping marshmallows and fruit into melted chocolate at your reception! (Keep napkins on stand-by just in case there are any mishaps…) 3) Is there anything sweeter than the chocolate buffet? We think not… 4) Add chocolate spoons to your dessert table


We had so much fun creating this event for the birthday girl’s Sweet 16 party here in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. Our head designer, Frances, had it all figured out from conception to set up, The red & black theme fit the motif perfectly, also featuring a batman dance floor, batman silhouette on glass tabletops

5 Incredibly Adorable DIY Easter Ideas

5 Incredibly Adorable DIY Easter Ideas Let me preface this by saying that Celebrations is here to help you with all of your Easter needs if you’re short on time or want to leave it to the experts – we can create everything from floral gifts to centerpieces or place settings, Easter crafts, gift baskets

Ten Naked Cakes We’re GAGA Over

The beautiful thing about a naked cake is the uncomplicated process, yet beautifully rustic, blank palette it offers – allowing for maximum creativity and pretty minimal skill or tools needed. You make a cake, you frost its layers and you decorate! I use the term decorate lightly because it doesn’t necessarily require carefully positioned somethings


BEACH PARTY IDEAS: JELL-O SHOTS IN ORANGE PEEL – A delicious way to celebrate an event on the beach, brought to you by Celebrations Ltd! Orange Peel Jell-O Shots! 12 ounces water Pot Glass Bowl of ice 3 large navel oranges Knife Spoon 4 ounces fresh juice 6-ounce box of flavored Jell-O powder 8 ounces


All you do is take your favorite cake recipe, bake and let cool. Before frosting, make sure your cake is shorter than a kit-kat bar, if not trim some off the top to leave room for the topping you select. Frost with your favorite frosting. Take a bunch of kit-kat bars (about 5 large packages),

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