Baby Shower

1 07, 2022

Creative Baby Shower Themes for 2022

2022-07-08T11:12:22-05:00July 1, 2022|Baby Shower, Events|

YAY you’re having a baby– firstly congratulations. Whether you’re the baby momma or a friend/relative, this an exciting time. Planning baby showers are so special, there an event that brings your nearest and dearest together to celebrate a new life! There are so many themes you can role with which can get over whelming…. But equally your worried of using the stereotypical ideas we’ve seen done a thousand ...

1 06, 2022

Baby Shower Theme: My Little Pumpkin

2022-06-01T13:22:58-05:00June 1, 2022|Baby Shower|

Congratulations, your baby is on the way which mean your party planning hat is on and you’re wanting a theme / design that’s different from others. Unlike most events baby showers are not seasonal meaning we get requests to plan baby showers all year round. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with the theme and certainly role with the seasons. We are obsessed with this theme ...