DIY Fresh Flower Banner

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DIY Fresh Flower Banner

Fresh Flowers Cardboard Banner Template (FYI It’s a little less than 50 inches wide) Wording Template (Optional, write your own if you are more gifted in the handwriting department than me! Important: Set your printer to “borderless” for the paper option) White Paint Pen Pencil Scissors Hot Glue Cut out your banner template and put

5 fun photography ideas you can DIY for your wedding day

1) Ask your guests to get involved: Arm them with a hashtag and make things fun by allocating them something specific to photograph on their place setting, so as to guarantee you get pictures of everything. 2) Make your own stunning backdrop: If your venue is lacking in wow-factor spaces, create your own! A blank wall can be


Every wedding  is unique and special, but adding personal touches will make your big day that extra bit special! Big or small, personalized decorations are a fun way to make your wedding day unique and original to you and your partner. Whether it’s your favorite photo of you and your man, generational wedding pictures, your

Simple DIY: Flowers and a vase

Happy Friday!! Check out this quick and simple floral DIY by Celebrations, photographed here by one of our talented ladies on staff. We love the worn vintage look that’s offered by a lazy-hand method of brushing the paint into the vase and the old-school touch that the vessel of a Mason Jar offers. There are

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