Recently, we were contacted by the luxury brand, Cartier, to design and install a booth at a  local luxury show.

The Island Air Show takes place inside an air plane hangar and is attended by the Cayman Island’s “who’s who”, making it the perfect venue for top brand names to feature their products.  This show includes, luxury auto mobiles, yachts, jewellers, gourmet restaurants, high fashion retailers, and private jets available for chartered flights.

So when Cartier,  a brand known world-wide for its elegance and allure to royalties and celebrities, hired Celebrations to design and install their booth, we were overjoyed and excited for this wonderful opportunity.

Right off the bat, we knew that Cartier wanted a booth that will not only showcase their elegant time pieces and jewellery, but they would also want a booth designed to compliment the brand.

With this in mind, our designers came up with “A Gentleman’s Club” – a theme reminiscent of old world elegance and charm.



Dark wood furniture and shutters, lushly upholstered wing chairs accented by dark browns and animal print cushions, simple yet elegant floral pieces of Cymbidium Orchids and tropical flowers set in old cigar boxes — all these  items took the guests to a time capsule where understated elegance was the norm.


Books used as coffee table stands, oversized prints of timeless black and white photos, parquet flooring — you would have never guessed you were inside an air plane hangar!



To see your design concept come together is an unexplainable  joy but to get an review   from your client for a job well done — that is sheer and utter heaven!

  • ” From my first meeting with the design team until the tear-down crew arrived on the night of the event, I was continually impressed with everyone’s enthusiasm, creativity, and professionalism.”
  • “…set about making this display the most memorable and impressive we have done in a long while”
  • “I am particularly grateful that everyone understood and embraced the concept that we wanted to create and put such focused effort into making it a captivating reality. We are all very proud and still receiving compliments. “

Congratulations to Frances, Solange, Tarah and the rest of the Celebrations team for making us all proud. Keep up the good work!