Tradition dictates that each bride select her closest friend or family member to take on the role of maid of honor, but what happens when said BFF is a guy? Our etiquette experts weigh in on the modern notion of a”man of honor”.

The battle between convention and modernity is prominent when planning a wedding, but your choices should enhance your nuptials, not detract from your happiness. While some brides may be content with a maid of honor, the custom by no means necessitates that every bride follow suit. If your closest companion aside from your fiancé is male, you should have no reservations in nominating him man of honor in lieu of a traditional maid of honor. If you or a family member feels the need to honor tradition, you can always appoint a maid of honor to counterbalance your man of honor.

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Every bride deserves to plan the wedding with her best friend by her side, regardless of who that companion may be. Only a true friend will provide the support you desire as you select your perfect wedding gown, attempt to write your vows, and ultimately take one of the most significant steps in your life as you commit to marriage. Your wedding entourage should be composed of dear friends and loved ones, no matter their gender. Your man of honor can offer also a male perspective on your aesthetic choices, from your color scheme to your big-day look, taking a portion of the decision-making pressure off your groom. If the wedding of your dreams includes a man of honor instead of a maid, don’t hesitate to transform your fantasy into a reality.

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