Branch Out! Go Rustic! Decorating with Branches…

I love including nature in my decor, and I’m always looking for unique decorating ideas that you don’t find in every other house on the block… Enter branches! Using branches in decorating is a stroke of pure genius. They have amazing texture, are a natural sculpture, and allow us to bring the beauty of nature into our homes without getting cutesy. They work equally well in modern homes as they do in a traditional or rustic home, and sometimes they are even free! Throw in the benefit of the upcycling element, and I think we have a winner in the decor arena! So we found you some great inspiration for decorating with branches,  and a couple of DIY projects to boot!

From ‘Apartment Therapy‘, this is an idea using branches behind the bed, and is from a home tour in Seattle. I’ve had beds on the diagonal like that, and it’s always a problem figuring out how to fill that awkward empty space… Great idea, and I love the texture. Notice how they are different than the ones in our feature photo, and what a different feel they give being more substantial in diameter.



Learn how to make iced branches from Dana at ‘Make Them Wonder’… These would be amazing where they might get lit from behind at night.


Got spray paint? This branch decor is metal, and sells at Neiman Marcus for $235… Um, DIY’ers? ‘Nuff said… Clip to shape, paint, hang.


‘Mark Montano’ has a complete tutorial on how to make this twinkling branches room divider… there’s even  video! This would be an amazing piece for a small home… Aren’t we always looking for creative ways to divide space?


From our friend Donna at ‘Funky Junk‘… I LOVE the way she used this branch in the bathroom… she hangs jewelry on it! A pie clamp holds it to the wall. Love, love, LOVE!


Tracie at ‘Cleverly Inspired‘ used a garage sale frame and some branches to create one of a kind wall art! Easy tutorial…


We found this branch chandelier at ‘Olive and Cocoa‘, but there is no tutorial… We are figuring with some thin floral wire you could create a wreath shape, then use ribbon to hang. Add hanging votive holders, and voila!


This master bedroom from ‘Jen Loves Kev‘ is another behind the bed idea… what an easy idea to add character to a rental home where you can’t paint!



Last, we have the most in depth of the DIY projects here, this DIY rustic chandelier from ‘Crafty Butt’. Charming! I could see this in an all white room, what a romantic design!



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