Your wedding entertainment is a significant part of your celebration. When you’re having a Caribbean event, entertainment becomes even more critical. At the very least, your guests would be expecting a fun and memorable party.

To reach your guests’ expectations, you need to go beyond the ordinary for your wedding entertainment. First, get it right with your wedding music, and food as these two components can easily make or break your event. You then add some extras to ensure that your celebration is unique and completely stands out to the crowd.

Handling the planning and design of weddings in the Cayman Islands has given us some experience where this is concerned. So, without further ado, here are some of our best entertainment ideas for your Caribbean event.

Release Baby Turtles

The Cayman Islands is very well known for the amazing sea life that surrounds our beautiful little island.  One of the incredible creatures that like to venture onto the white sandy beaches are sea turtles!  Females routinely lay eggs along the beaches that are then closely monitored for hatching. Once the sun goes down, these beautiful creatures make their way along the beach with the help of a flashlight… line your bridal party up to assist with the process along the way!

This entertainment idea is unique and magical. It is also a lovely alternative to the classic dove release. For your Caribbean wedding entertainment, you can include a turtle release during your wedding reception.

Play Some Games

Cocktail hour is the perfect time for this as guests unwind before your reception. It also gives everyone the opportunity to meet each other, loosen up, mingle, and build excitement for your reception. Games will have your wedding guests laughing and more relaxed in no time.

Some options you can go with are the shoe game, leg races, cornhole, or keep it Caribbean with some coconut and pineapple bowling! All you have to do is think of something that’ll carry everyone along and reduce any tensions that might exist at your event.

Do A Choreographed Dance

Moving on from the cocktail hour, it’s time for the reception, and guests expect you. This is a lovely time for another one of our wedding entertainment ideas. How about coming in with a choreographed dance?

This moment could feature your wedding party or just be between you and your partner. The result will be smiles all around and a fun, entertaining entrance. Of course, you’ll need to coordinate with your wedding DJ or band for this one.

Some recent trends are to have a mix of music for when each bridal couple enters the room with a grand finale waiting for the stars of the show!

Acrobats or Aerialists

Hire a mobile stage and have acrobats and aerialists bring the wow factor to your wedding entertainment. You can bet that your Caribbean wedding will be the talk of the town long after as a result of this.

Acrobatic poses and tricks can be mesmerizing and will undoubtedly captivate your guests. This moment could also remind your loved ones of a delightful childhood visit to the circus or a fair.  A recommendation would be to keep the hanging silks to the bright tropical colors Cayman is especially known for.

Magician or Caricature Artist

Are your guests more of the ‘How did they do it’ type? How about wowing your guests with some magic tricks? You can schedule a professional magic show as part of your Caribbean wedding reception entertainment. Your guests will love it!

Caricature artists are also another entertainment option you should consider. They won’t need a show and can work as your reception goes on. This also comes with the advantage of gifting your guests the caricature drawing as a wedding favor. It’s perfect if you’re having a small and private celebration.

Fire Dancers

This is one way to incorporate the tropical and vacation feel at your wedding. Have a fire dance crew perform as part of your wedding entertainment during your reception.  With so many different, incredible types of talent, you’re sure not to be disappointed! Your guests will be so fascinated and will keep discussing how exciting it was for days to come.


Everyone loves to get pictures of themselves. Photobooths give guests a chance to bond and get instant wedding photo favors at the same time. Guest of all ages at your Cayman Islands wedding will enjoy this activity. It is also an excellent way for your guests to mingle and get to know it other. Pick customized props and backgrounds that go with your wedding theme for the perfect touch.  Work with your Photobooth vendor to create custom backdrops or themes!

Have a Fun Beach After-Party

A fun beach party after your wedding is a delightful way to ramp up your entertainment. There are many wedding venues here in the Cayman Islands with access to the beach that can make this possible. Your guests will get a chance to party and celebrate you in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


The key to getting the best wedding entertainment is ensuring that you and your guests enjoy it. Going the extra mile with some of the ideas in this article will undoubtedly help you achieve that. You can also come up with unique concepts based on your preference. A happy and entertaining wedding is unique and would be a dream come true.


Here at Celebrations Ltd, we’d love to help you design an entertaining wedding here in the Cayman Islands. We have the experience, connections, and passion for making your wedding a success and would love to work with you. Contact us today!