Flowers have the power to invoke a mood, ignite a passion, send a message, turn a bad day around and so much more. The petals can be tossed by a flower girl to signify the start of a new beginning, they can be preserved as a symbol of a moment locked in time, they can pave the path to a message of love, they can therapeutically be applied to a bath for a spa-like experience. The beauty and power of flowers stretches far beyond what we are capable of understanding as its power lies in our hearts and in all those special moments.

Also, who doesn’t love being surrounded by flowers?

As such, it’s one of our absolute favorite departments and we decided to pop in unannounced and on no specific day to see what we’d find. Lo and behold, our florists under a rainbow of hydrangea and purple roses.

Just a typical Friday at Celebrations.

Try as we might, we couldn’t find the pot of gold at the end of that rainbow, but we did find Alice (our bubbly new addition to the Special Events team) lending her support and expanding her knowledge on everything floral.

In all seriousness, our florists were in the middle of building a circular grand ceremony arch for a special destination wedding taking place this weekend. Our Head Florist, Joan, mentions that producing a ceremony circle this large is a rarity.

We popped in the floral cooler to take a look at the week’s offerings and nearly gave ourselves¬†pneumonia gawking at all of the flowers. It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re hypnotized by an orchid.

Hope you enjoy this quick behind the scenes look at our most vibrant department.

Have a wonderful weekend!




Our newest addition to the Special Events team, Alice, assisting the floral department and soaking up all of the knowledge from our seasoned florists!



Our Lead Florist, Joan, running a quality control check.



Florist, Che, joins our team all the way from the Philippines, working on our ceremony circle.


A peek inside our floral cooler this week:



floral-department-6 floral-department-7 floral-department-8 floral-department-9 floral-department-10

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