Weddings have seen many changes in fashion and the dress is one thing that is constantly evolving. Most brides choose long dresses that often have a train but some opt for something a little different and choose a short wedding dress, perfect for a beach wedding.

Short wedding dresses have had a mixed history and still get a mixed reaction when you announce “ my wedding dress only goes to here” whilst pointing down to your knees.

For years short wedding dresses have been reserved for the beach, hot sandy climates and more laid back chic weddings like one of our favourites below. We loved this bride, she was bright and fun and this dress suited her calm attitude perfectly.

Some people are put off by the concept of a short wedding dress as they envision calf length puff out prom dresses and don’t think about the variety available. There has been an explosion of designs and style available for the bride choosing to opt for a non traditional length dress. Just check out some of our favourites from the traditional prom to elegantly fitted gowns not just reserved for second marriages.

A sophisticated and vintage style dress proving you can still look traditional while showing your shoes. We fell in love with this dress from David’s Bridal. Its perfect for a vintage lawn wedding or in any ballroom. Especially when paired with traditional accessories

We also love these very non-traditional wedding dresses from Carolina Herrera’s Bridal Collection for Fall 2014


Prom style with a twist of one shoulder by Romana Keveza Spring Collection shown here.


Or these stunning lacy short dresses by Monique  Lhuillier’s Fall Winter 2014 Collection. 


But its not just all the choice that has seen the short dress getting highlighted recently its also the revived fashion of vintage style weddings. UK “Brides Magazine” recently spoke about how shorter; tea length dresses were a big hit with big names such as Audrey Hepburn in her marriage to actor Mel Ferrer in 1854. This dress was so on trend that vogue have named it one of their most iconic Celebrity wedding dressed of all times. Now who would not want to look like that.


Also they are such a hit wedding dress designer Tobi Hannah has written a whole book dedicated to their history and style. “The short wedding dress: The Dress, The Bride” is a great read for anyone wanting to soak up more of the short wedding dress fun.


Here are a few reasons you might want to say YES to and short dress:

– They often cost less due to the use of less fabric

– They are great for the beach and for dancing and normally more comfortable

– If you have killer legs worth showing off then go short

– If your shoes are a big statement piece of your wedding wardrobe consider a tea length dress to show them off

– The biggest plus, these dresses can often be worn again


Happy weekend!