Most of us have been in this situation. We’re guests at a wedding, and the ceremony is over. We’re waiting for the bridal party to return from their photo session and we just don’t know anyone. It’s tough! You stand there kind of awkwardly, trying not to look at your watch while you hope they just show up already so you can sit down to dinner. Of course, you sit down to dinner and run out of things to talk about with your seat mates within five minutes. You love your friends and want to support them at their wedding, but there’s an awfully long night ahead!

We’ve got the solution. Nine wedding reception game ideas that will keep your guests entertainedwhile you’re dealing with wedding business, and will get them chatting and laughing with each other, and making friends fast.

There are a few things to consider before you decide on one or more of these options for your wedding reception. First and foremost, are your guests the type who will appreciate this kind of entertainment? Not everyone’s family is gung-ho for giant board games and trivia quizzes, and that’s okay. If your guests are more serious or traditional, this might not be for you.

But you might be surprised to that a lot of your guests will show their competitive side and get into the fun!

Next, you’ll want to make sure you have enough help or time to set up these games. Some of them take a little more advance planning, like sending out questions with your RSVP cards, so keep that in mind as well. And if you’re looking to buy a giant Jenga set or a croquet set, consider whether you’ll use it again after your wedding or if you could sell it second hand. We’ve still got a cornhole set sitting in my in-laws garage gathering dust a year after my brother-in-law’s wedding!

Finally, consider the style of your wedding when you’re deciding on the entertainment. If your guests are decked out in black tie attire, they might not want to be bending over to play croquet or doing a backbend for limbo. But otherwise you’ll find a lot of these ideas will work for any kind of wedding!

Now, let’s check out what will keep your guests giggling all evening!


I-Spy is a great game for your guests and very simple to implement. Just make a list of things to spy – from a guest in a blue dress to a couple smooching. But if you’re trying to get your guests to share a little more on Instagram with your wedding hashtag, have your I-Spy game involve a prize for the most Instagrammed spies! You’ll love going through the feed once the big day is over.


This game involves a little work on your end before the big day, but it’ll be worth it to get your guests chatting away while you perfect your poses with your photographer. With the RSVP, have your guests send in a fact about themselves or answer a specific question. Then turn those answers into a guest bingo card you can leave at each place setting. Ask your DJ or emcee to take a little Bingo break at a specified time and make sure to have a little prize for the winner!


If you have a venue with a good outdoor space for games, consider setting up a croquet match, badminton net or cornhole competition for your guests. These are great for restless children and teens as well as adults. The great thing is that these games will work double duty

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