October is just a few days away, and as we all know, it heralds the start of festivities. Before you know it, Christmas will be here. Have you started talking with your loved ones about the holiday season yet?

If you’re wondering what’s the hurry since it’s still only summer, this is the best way to avoid stress. Summer is a great time to start planning your Christmas if you want a beautiful, seamless, and stress-free celebration.

Planning ahead is a great way to avoid headaches while lucking out on some savings. Some of the things you could discuss now are who will host the party, where should the location be? Most importantly … who’s on the guest list?

As an event company here in the Cayman Islands, we know all about planning great Christmas parties. We believe that while it might be too early to decorate your Christmas tree in the summer, there are lots of excellent reasons why you should start organizing now.

Here are seven reasons to get you started.

You’ll Avoid Any Supply and Shipping Delays

Over the past two years; our world has truly changed due to the pandemic. As a result, many online and offline stores have to find ways to cope and survive in a constantly evolving business. So, you can bet that Christmas, which is one of the busiest seasons of the year, will be affected.

There could be many problems, from shipping delays to shortages. This leads to an increase in prices and fewer discounts. It could also mean your items will take longer to get to you when you make a purchase.

Starting to source in the summer ensures that you’ll take advantage of any ongoing summer deals. You’ll also give enough time for your presents and any décor you order to get to you.


Discounts, Discounts, Discounts.

Summer is a great time for customers looking for discounts. From Black Friday deals to Labor Day sales, you’ll find unbelievable prices if you’re looking in the right spots! You can get electronics, clothes, tools, and even discount packages for your vacation, wedding, or special event. 

This is also a great time to get your Christmas décor. Many stores will be ready to refresh their stock and trying to let go of their last year’s items to get new ones. Think of all the beauties you can get at lower prices!

You could also work with our team for the best Christmas party décor. With us, there is no need to worry about getting those décor items on time. You also won’t have to find places to store them in your home.

You Won’t Leave Anyone Behind

Shopping for gifts during Christmas usually happens in a hurry. But, believe it or not, Santa already has his list, and so should you. Planning for your Christmas shopping and doing it this early ensures that you won’t forget anyone.

Planning early also means that you’ll be able to include all those new friends you made this year. It doesn’t, however, hurt to always add a few extra gifts just in case.

You Can Plan for The Best Christmas Cards

While it might be too early to get your Christmas cards, you can start planning for them. Finally, you have enough time to decide if you’d like to personalize your cards by adding a family Christmas photo with a theme! The weather right now is perfect for a fantastic picture with everyone.

You also have the time to decide what everyone will wear and get them in suitable sizes. Don’t forget to order your custom holiday stamps and address labels too.

New Recipes for Your Party Menu

Don’t wait until a week before Christmas to start trying out a new Christmas menu recipe. We all have the hidden goodies you really, really want to try out for this year, but somehow they get lost in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Don’t wait, start now! Beginning the perfection process early will ensure your family is pleasingly surprised with your creation. Whether you’re hosting this year or bringing along a dish, this is for you.

Start your test cooking and decide with your family if they’re significant enough to feature in this year’s festivities. This is also the best time to know where you could get the ingredients needed.

Decide on Adding A New Christmas Family Tradition

Believe it or not, all those wonderful Christmas family traditions you enjoy today were started by someone. So, while the holidays can get hectic, now is the time to decide if you want to add any new ones yourself.

It’ll be a great way to make new memories as a family. Some good options are baking cookies together, a movie marathon, and even hosting an Ugly sweater Christmas party. As long as you start your planning early, you can pull it off.

Enough Time to Plan an Amazing Holiday Vacation

Waiting until the holidays to plan your vacation comes with many disadvantages. Take the Cayman Islands, for example; venues book up extremely quickly, and it seems everyone decides to have their celebrations on the same week. The earlier you book those flights and hotels, the better.

Starting your process early means that you’ll get better discounts for booking way ahead. You’ll also have enough time to make a reasonable budget for your travel. Finally, don’t forget that you can reach out to us to create excellent plans for your Christmas while you’re here.

Planning for your Christmas even while in the summer is a fabulous idea!

Here at Celebrations Ltd, we pride ourselves on planning great seasonal parties. If you come to the Cayman Islands this holiday, we’d love to work with you. We also offer destination management, and together, we can make sure you and your loved ones have a fabulous time here. Contact us today!