Many couples start their wedding planning thinking that they can do it all. While possible, the question is, do you really want to? Wedding planning can be very tasking and requires a lot of time to make things work. You’ll also need fantastic organizational skills and nerves of steel.

Contrary to what Jennifer Lopez’s character portrays in “The Wedding Planner,” creating the illusion that only the very rich can afford wedding planners, every couple needs one. Most planners work in percentages and have flexible packages geared towards meeting couples in the middle and will even help you save money at the end of the process.

They’ll also save you a ton of mistakes that could be costly and detrimental to the success of your wedding. So, if you’re reading through this and your mind is asking 1000 questions, the main one to ask is if you need a planner for your wedding or not; the answer is yes, you do. Here are seven reasons why we think so.


Your wedding planning will offer many organizational tips and tricks to make your special day come true. This is important if you want to avoid critical mistakes and plan a successful celebration. Organizing is, however, very time-intensive, and many couples do not have much to spare in this modern world.  

That’s where a wedding planner comes in handy. They’ll organize your wedding plans, vendors, locations, and all extra details, leaving you with more time for other important life activities. This way, you can relax a bit more while your wedding planner keeps things on schedule for the success of your wedding.

Wedding Budgeting

It isn’t easy to create an accurate wedding budget, especially if you’re not used to doing it every day. If by chance, you do succeed in creating what looks to be a successful budget, it’s another uphill task trying to stick to it. A simple minute spent on the many different online sources available will show you ideas that are prettier, flashier, and more expensive, leaving you constantly second-guessing your every decision.

If you want a successful wedding, however, you have to stick to your budget. With a wedding planner, it is that much easier to do that. First, they’ll have up-to-date knowledge of the wedding industry to help in creating a more realistic budget. Know the proper vendors to book through that are professional yet cost-effective.  Lastly, they’ll keep you on a budget because, let’s face it… That’s their job!

The Right Vendors

Working with the right vendors is a great way to get your planning process moving smoothly. Finding them can, however, be a problem if you have no previous industry experience. You’d just have to take the word of the vendor and the reviews on their site for it.

Your wedding is too important for a risk like this. A wedding planner is experienced and will know who to work with. They’ll get you the best vendors for your price range and ensure you get quality service too. Vendors who want to keep getting patronage through your wedding planner are apt to treat you better. Your planner is also in the industry and will be better able to tell them your vision in the right words. They’ll also know the correct prices, quality, and processes to make sure you get the best with your offers.

Mouth-Watering Deals

A wedding planner with experience in the wedding industry is a gem to have on your side. They can easily use the connections that they have to get you the best deals. They could also use the same to make vendors more amenable to working with your budget. Some couples even get extra services added on as perks giving them more savings in the long run.

A Stress-Free Engagement

For many couples, the next step after their engagement is wedding planning. While starting your planning early is a great idea, you also need to enjoy your engagement. It is only going to happen once in your relationship!

Nobody wants to spend so much time planning their wedding that they get to the wedding day and discover that they’re strangers. Having a wedding planner to handle things so you can have time to bond is a great idea. They’ll take the stress of planning your wedding off you so you can both enjoy your engagement.

Unexpected Situations

If there’s one thing the past two years have taught us, it’s that things can always go sideways. You can only do your best and hope. Along with that, you can have a professional who knows how to handle unexpected situations on your side.

Is rain threatening all of the sudden when the forecast promised sunny skies? They’ll handle it. They coordinate venue staff, vendors, and even your guests to ensure you have a perfect celebration. You deserve the rest of mind that having a professional like that in charge brings.

A Happy Wedding Day

You deserve a happy wedding. Often, couples spend so much time planning with sleepless nights that they get to the actual wedding and are too tired. They just want it to be over with at that point and put on a show.

With a wedding planner, you won’t be that couple. Instead, you’ll show up to your wedding relaxed and ready to party because you know everything is well taken care of. With a wedding planner, your wedding can truly be a happy day.

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