There’s a fine line between choosing a Caribbean wedding destination and choosing the ultimate Caribbean wedding destination. That line in between is you – What you want, need and truly desire trumps everything else. Why you should choose the Cayman Islands for your Caribbean Wedding Destination? Here are some reasons to say yes to the Cayman Islands and in the Cayman Islands:

1. Close – Adventure awaits! You’ll be here before you know it! Saying yes in Cayman makes your wedding weekend even more enjoyable for you and your guests. Once you arrive you will be close to the hotspots. Only minutes away from world-class tours and cultural excursions. Looking to start off your new name with new encounters? Visit the famous stingray city or turtle farm. Plunge into the deep blue and delight in some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world – beginners are welcome! Most of our brides were won over by the proximity of the islands to their hometown. It is literally one quick trip – a super short flight from the United States or Canada.

2. Compact – Cayman is Compact – Small but somehow able to fit tropical thrills and urban amenities all into one beautiful location. Over the years our brides have been captivated by the delightful island scene.

3. Congenial – Cayman Kind is our approach to life. We are a melting pot of nations. A place where English is the language of choice. What is even more moving is being able to see how 120 nationalities all live in harmony here in the islands. No wonder it was listed as the world’s friendliest country by Forbes.

4. Comfortable – Having your wedding at the most developed country in the Caribbean comes with lots of perks. Vendors on the island are well-versed and certainly sought after for their expertise. You can have your wedding guest stay at a 5-star hotel or at your preferred property. Being a great host means making sure your guests are comfortable. Our wedding planning team will take care of all the planning for your big day and will create a memorable experience for your family and friends.

5. Captivating – Remember that fine line between regular or ultimate Caribbean wedding destination? Well…you can literally have your big day on Seven Mile Beach in Cayman which is also known as one of the “Ultimate Beaches in the region by Caribbean Travel + Life.” The only thing that is more romantic than getting married in paradise is capturing beautiful moments enjoying the most breathtaking sunset in the world as you start your new chapter together.

6. Charming – There are enough restaurants on island to satisfy the palate of the foodies in your life. Super picky eaters and foodies will agree that there is something for everyone to enjoy at one of the 200+ restaurants on the island.

7. Complete – If we left you with one reason and one reason only. The Cayman Islands is the Ultimate Wedding destination because it super close, compact, congenial, comfortable, captivating, charming and complete. Picture perfect and practical. Find everything you and your guest needs in one location. Everything your heart desires from the summer fun, amazing vendors, and forward-thinking wedding planners.

Experience the Cayman Islands. Embrace our warm smiles, bold flavors, cozy climate and our peaceful way of life! Walk down the aisle barefoot, please your guests, and enjoy all that Cayman has to offer – the Caymankind experience everything from picture perfect beach wedding backdrop, to picturesque relaxation to metropolitan living.

We would love to hear from you or answer any questions you may have about this wedding destination. Tell us your thoughts on our 7 Reasons Why Cayman Islands is the Ultimate Wedding Destination.