1. The backdrop


It may be pretty obvious that the Cayman Islands has the most picturesque setting for a wedding. Why Cayman and not any another Caribbean Island? Apart from the fact we’re consistently ranked no. 1 for having the best beach in the world, calm waters and less-crowded beaches makes saying ‘I do’ so much more romantic.
2. The hospitality


We can’t help it, we’re people-pleasers. Both locals and people working in the wedding industry love nothing more than making sure everyone is having a good time and is taken well care of.
3. The romance

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There’s no denying the Cayman Islands is one of the best places in the world to watch the sunset. With golden, shimmering skies, the sound of the waves crashing against soft, sugary sand, Cayman earns major romance points when it comes to getting married.
4. The safety aspect

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The Cayman Islands has a really low crime rate compared to other Caribbean islands. If you want a destination that’s safe for your family and a true Caribbean, worry-free occasion, Cayman wins hands down.
5. The variety

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Beach, castle, mansion, Indian, African ; wherever and however you decide to tie-the-knot, Cayman has seen it all and we love nothing more than a bit of variety.
6. The experts

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For such a small island, Cayman is overflowing with talented musicians, designers, wedding planners, bakers and florists from all over the world. Leave the plans for the big day in the hands of Cayman’s industry experts and go sip a pina colada on the beach.

7. The honeymoon


Once you’ve said your vows, you have the option of an adventurous honeymoon or soaking up the newly-wed bliss on the beach. Either way, you’re in the right place.