1) Ask your guests to get involved: Arm them with a hashtag and make things fun by allocating them something specific to photograph on their place setting, so as to guarantee you get pictures of everything.


2) Make your own stunning backdrop: If your venue is lacking in wow-factor spaces, create your own! A blank wall can be transformed into a floral extravaganza – and all you need is paper and glue. (And the permission of your venue, naturally.)


3) Create your own photo booth (part I) Make your own photo booth by presenting guests with a hanging frame and a box of props. Arm a member of your bridal party with a camera and voila!


4) Create your own photo booth (part II) Or, alternatively, ask guests to get involved and hold up props to create the illusion of a frame. Depending on how many glasses of champagne have been consumed, it might make for some interesting angles…


5) And finally… Display favourite photos around your venue: They could be freshly-printed from your photobooth or, more simply, favourite pictures of you and your guests. Either way, the photo tree is a gorgeous idea for an outdoors summer wedding. If you’re opting for freshly-printed pictures, put one of your ushers in charge of stringing up the photos; otherwise, have a wander down memory lane and print out your favourite pics in advance.



*Five fun photography ideas you can DIY for your wedding day*

*Repost from Wedding Magazine*