He proposed. You said YES! You’ve set the date and you start imagining yourself walking down the aisle, wearing the gown of your dreams, your dream man waiting at the altar. You imagine yourself exuding the bridal glow and then  you wake up to realize that THAT bridal glow doesn’t happen over night. In fact, it takes months and some work. Here are our top 10 steps towards flawless skin, shiny locks, a beautiful smile and the most beautiful bridal glow!

SEE A DERMATOLOGIST. Have your skin assessed by a professional and get all the recommendations for a healthy glowing skin on the day of your wedding day and beyond. Whether it is to deal with oily skin,  acne or forehead wrinkles, a dermatologist will be able to recommend a beauty regimen that would ensure that your skin looks best when you say ” I Do”.



EAT HEALTHY & HYDRATE . Follow a diet program and by no means we mean starve yourself. Just eat right. Crash dieting is counterproductive and might even turn you into a cranky and miserable bride. You certainly don’t want to be a Bridezilla! Drink your fill of 8 glasses of water daily. Your skin needs all the hydration it can get to bring out that natural blush.



EXERCISE AND TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR WELLNESS. This goes hand in hand with proper diet. Whether you have a trainer or not, it is time to work on that ideal wedding day body you have dreamed of.  No better time to work on toning your muscles than now!



GET YOUR ZZZ’S. Along with a proper diet and work out, sleep is equally essential  to living a healthy lifestyle.  No matter how strong the temptation is to stay up all night on Pinterest, pinning your dream wedding board, don’t. Get the right amount of zzz’s and it will clearly show on your skin and even in your demeanor!



CONSULT A SALON STYLIST. Talk to them about your dream wedding look. Take into consideration your gown’s neckline, how you want to wear your hair, if you’re wearing a type of veil or a hairpiece, and ask about what hair color best complements your skin tone and what haircut will best grow out into the right style in time for your big day. Do this ASAP.



HAIR AND MAKE UP TRIALS. We usually suggest either getting your hair and makeup trial done during your engagement pictorial so you can also get builds from your photographer or when you’re also scheduled to fit your gown so you can see the whole look come together.




SKIN FACIAL. Get this done a week prior to your wedding day, just to give your skin enough time to recover.



WHITEN YOUR TEETH. You want pearly whites for all those beautiful pictures you’ll be posing for (but we also know how crucial coffee is right now with all the planning). Most toothpastes have whitening ingredients in them, but for faster results, choose a special whitening one. White strips are also a great option.



HAVE REGULAR MANI-PEDIS. Test out different shades and once you have chosen the perfect shade for you, get an extra bottle. Get your nails done only one or two days before your wedding to avoid any wear and tear. Even gel polish lose their luster after a few days.



RELAX, DON’T STRESS.  We all know planning a wedding, most especially a destination wedding can be daunting. That is why you need to hire an expert wedding planner to do most if not all of the work for you while you work on being the best version of yourself, just in perfect time for your wedding day!


Take it from us, follow these tips and you will surely glow on your most special day!