If you’re like most of the brides we know, searching for the perfect dress was (or is) time-consuming, wonderful, and just a tad stressful. Since you’re only going to be wearing it once, make the most of your big day by taking all kinds of photos. While you’re working on a shot list to hand over to your photographer, be sure to spend time drafting up scenarios and events that’ll show your dress from the best angles possible. To help, we’ve rounded up some gorgeous pics to inspire you, including detail shots and pretty lighting you might not have thought of yet.


1. Showing Ruffles to Maximum Effect

Get inventive! We love the eager bride peering out the window, which, handily, shows off the ruffles of her skirt to full effect.


2. Being Zipped Up

Emotions come straight through a photo if you can get one of your mother or a close friend helping you into your dress.


3. From the Waist Down

If you’re besotted with your dress, let it have its own big moment. A classic shot from the bust down doesn’t allow viewers to focus only on your glowing face; rather, they’re forced to take in the gown in all its glory.


4. On the Hanger

There’s a reason on-hanger shots are so popular! The styled pictures evoke the calm before the storm and don’t let anything compete with the dress.


5. The Back (With Him!)

Plenty of dresses are just as stunning from the back. While options abound to get a picture of you walking away, consider including the lucky man.


6. Being Fussed Over by Your Bridesmaids

Ask your photographer to capture all the primping action, especially if folds and pleats of your skirt will require some hands-on bridesmaid action.


7. The Buttons

A row of classic buttons is a gorgeous dress detail we love to see. Capture an image of it, too, and toss the veil to one side to avoid covering the pearly pieces.


8. Delicate Veil Trimming

Lacy edges are often the final finishing touch that offer just the right bit of romance. Zoom in on yours to get the full picture.


9. Lifting the Veil

Not only is the moment the veil is lifted over your head magical, but it also makes for a stunning photo.


10. Walking Away

A shot of you and your groom walking away has a nostalgic feel, as if you’re officially stepping into your new life, but it’s also perfect for showing off the back of a dress.


11. Being Picked Up

This adorable picture is equal parts sweet and smart: by lifting you off your feet, your groom’s allowing your dress (and veil) to be shown off even more.


12. The Train Fanned Out

Dramatic trains are at their prettiest when fanned out. Contrasted against nature, it’s even more shocking.


13. The Glorious Train

If you really went for it with a long train, make sure you take images from all angles, including directly from behind, to let it shine.


14. Sitting With Your Skirt Piled Up

There’s so much fun to be had by showcasing the volume of a full gown when sitting with it piled around you. Bonus: it shows off your shoes!


15. An Aerial View

So you’ve instructed your photographer to take shots from the front, back, and side, but what about from up above? This bird’s-eye view puts your dress in a totally new perspective.


16. Alone in the Church

Quiet, solo shots have a serene vibe to them that we love. Find a pretty corner of the church, and ask for a thoughtful picture.


17. A Classic Veil Shot From Behind

A shot this classic could’ve come from any generation. Make sure your veil is arranged perfectly, and have your photographer stand directly behind you.


18. On the Dance Floor

While flashbulbs are sure to go off during your first dance, enlist someone with making sure that they’re focusing on the dress, rather than just the dancers.


19. Details on the Hanger

The hanger shot is a sure thing, but why not try some zoomed-in details, too? Belts, lace, and embellishments are worth their own close-up moments.


20. Movement While Walking

Professional models know just how to move to bring life to a picture. Give yourwedding day some of that same energy by swishing or moving your gown as you walk.


21. Catching the Sunlight

If your ceremony is happening around sunset, use the light to your best advantage. Ask the photographer to scout out an area that’ll allow the evening light to illuminate your dress and veil.


22. The Swell of a Trumpet Skirt

A trumpet or mermaid dress is undeniably glamorous — make sure you’re capturing it as such.


23. Just the Skirt

Whether your skirt is elaborate or simple tulle, it should get its own moment. Bonus points if you’re getting married on the beach like this bride and can achieve a stunning monochromatic palette.


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