15 Non-Traditional Wedding Programs

You’ve sent out creative save the dates, designed the perfect non-traditional invitations and even started brainstorming some innovativemenus to add to your list of creative DIY wedding ideas. So why should you settle for something basic and boring when it comes to your wedding program? From displaying the day’s lineup on the sides of popcorn boxes to printing ceremony details directly onto confetti packets, there are plenty of original ways you can change things up. Here, we’re bringing you 15 of our favorite fresh ideas. Check ‘em out and get ready to say so long to that standard sheet of paper.


1. Newspaper Program: Start spreading the news! This hot-off-the-press program features the wedding’s biggest headlines and even a couple of games to help occupy guests while they wait for the festivities to get underway. (via Annie McElwain Photography)


2. Cartoon Drawing Program: Why stick with bland black-and-white when you can infuse your program with color? Cartoon-style drawings are a fun way to introduce the wedding party and other VIPs. (via Angela Renée)


3. Leaf Program: This giant leaf program is seriously one of the prettiest we’ve ever laid eyes on. It’s an ideal pick for a classy outdoor affair. (viaBrandon Kidd Photography)


4. Photo Booklet Program: Put your engagement photos to good use by featuring a few favorites inside the program. We especially love the way this booklet is divided into sections, making it easy for guests to find different types of info. (via Candice Benjamin Photography)


5. Paper Flag Program: Whether you decide to order a custom-created bundle or DIY your own, paper flag programs like these can double as ribbon wands for friends to wave during your celebratory walk back down the aisle. (via Adorn)


6. Coloring Book Program: Who says coloring books are only for the kids’ table? Leave a box of crayons at every seat, and let the adults go to town decorating their programs. (via Paul Von Rieter)


7. Paper Fan Program: Help everyone stay cool at an outdoor summer wedding by passing around printed paper fans. We just love all of the pretty colors seen here. (via The Bird & The Bear)


8. Twine-Tied Program: Rustic weddings are still a huge hit with couples everywhere. If you’re planning one, consider creating twine-tied programs that are sweet, simple and just right for a laid-back ceremony. (via Volatile Photography)


9. Hand-Sewn Program: Embrace your creative side by designing a unique set of hand-sewn programs. We think the just-for-fun multiple choice questions seen here make for a playful and entertaining finishing touch. (via Carlie Statsky)


10. Popcorn Box Program: Just as thrilling as any big-screen love story, your journey to “I do” deserves the full Hollywood treatment. Print ceremony specifics onto the sides of popcorn boxes to help set the stage for your big walk down the red carpet… err, aisle. (via Clane Gessel)


11. Short + Sweet Program: Music, marriage, party. Yup, we’d say that pretty much covers it! (via Becker Photographer)


12. Cardboard + Photo Strip Program: Photo strips attached with clothespins help dress up an otherwise simple (but still pretty) set of cardboard programs. (via Becca Howell Photography)


13. Cootie Catcher Program ($2.50): What types of secrets does the ceremony lineup hold? With cootie catcher programs, loved ones will surely be in the know.


14. Lunch Sack Program: While traditional lunch sacks just end up stuffed inside the office refrigerator, these crafty creations are definitely fit for a wedding. Have fun filling them up with candy, confetti or any other type of goodie. (via UnderConsideration)


15. Confetti Program: Speaking of confetti, is there anything more awesome than these colorful program packets? Create your own using glassine envelopes and tissue paper. (via Michelle Edgemont)


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