Your big day is almost here . . . But first, the bachelorette party! Send your guests home with these fun party favors that won’t break the bank.


1) Create customized candy bags made by dipping favors in Kool-Aid! Filling them with your favorite candy is a nice gesture, but you also can’t go wrong with mints.


2) Candles are always a great favor for any event, and the best part is they are simple to make or extremely easy to find online. Give each candle a personal touch and decorate it using a free printable!



3) What’s a candle without a match? These personalized matches are always great to have around the house, and they only cost about $0.50 per piece.


4) Save the traditional-style cake for your wedding day and have cake pops instead. They’re easy to make, easy to wrap, and, most importantly, easy to eat!


5) Keep your drinks cold with a koozie! They’re only $0.99 and would be great for an outdoor party.



6) Get all dolled up and throw on some shades, because who doesn’t love an extra accessory? Sunglasses are perfect because you can pick the color and theme, andthese fun picks are all under a dollar. Plus, your bridal party can rock these shades for an epic party picture!


7) Homemade Body Scrub: Give your guests a relaxing way to unwind and let their body detox with a DIY body scrub. Chances are you can find a specialty jar at your local dollar store!



8) Keep guests alert and ready to go with a caffeinated favor that barely costs a thing.


9) Remind your guests that they spice up your life! Fill a small bottle, like this $0.99spice jar, with a spice that you love, and voilà! An inexpensive favor your guests will actually use. You’ll get the most for your dollar if you buy the spices in a larger quantity, so try to buy them at a superstore or local ethnic store.


10) Personalized Coaster: These coasters are not just cute; they’re also superfunctional! These personalized coasters cost $6 for a pack of 10, and they are even cheaper when you buy in bulk, so get some extras to keep around the house.


11) Who doesn’t love a decorative mason jar? These would be great for holding favors instead of a traditional gift bag.



12)  Make baked goods! Taking the time to bake is a great way to give your favors a personal touch. Just pick your favorite treat, make a batch, and wrap them in decorative dessert bags. This could also be a great job to delegate to your mom or future mother-in-law if they’re eager to lend a hand!


13) These adorable Champagne bubbles are only $0.54 and totally cute! Warning: make sure you label “bubbles” clearly on each bottle.


14) Whip up a batch of homemade jam and dress up the sweet treat in a cute mason jar with printable labels.



15) We all know that the bachelorette party is probably going to get a little crazy, so send your guests home with some water! Don’t forget to attach a cute note (e.g., “Thanks for drinking Champagne and dancing on the table with me, but it’s almost my wedding day, so rehydrate!”). You can buy a case of water from your local supermarket or bulk store for about $6 for 24 bottles and decorate them with a label and tag in your wedding colors. You can even attach travel-size Tylenol for pain relief.




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15 Chic Affordable Bachelorette Favors