Just behind the bride and the groom, the wedding shoes are kind of the stars of the show. Whether you opt for stylish wedges, sparkly heels or even down-home boots, you need to incorporate those kicks into your wedding photo session. Brides are doing some super creative things these days with their bridal portraits and wedding day shots, and it’s time for your footwear to get in on the action. We’re sharing some beautiful examples of brides showing off their shoes for you to recreate at your own wedding.


1. Bridesmaid Messages: Having your bridesmaids and bestie leave you sweet messages on your soles is a great idea, but be sure to snap a photo like this if you want to hold on to those memories forever. (via 13:13 Photography)


2. Spell Your Love: These Vivienne Westwood shoes are to die for on their own, but using them to spell “Love” for a photo might just be the best idea ever. (via Betwixt Studios)


3. Detail Shot: On your wedding day, everything will feel a little more glamorous than usual. Take advantage of all the beautiful details by having your photographer pull them into a single photo. (via Birds of a Feather)


4. Incorporate the Ring: Combining two of your favorite wedding day accessories in one photo is an obvious win. Whether your ring is traditional or not, add it to your shoe shot for the ultimate photo opp. (viaJay Tsai Photography)


5. His + Her Look: When it comes to shoes, let the groom get in on the action. We love the colors and styling of this sweet couple’s shot. (viaJames Thomas Long Photography)

6. Invitation Shot: Using your wedding shoes as a stand for your invitation gives them ultimate utility in a photo and totally upgrades the style of your invite. (via Adriana Klas Photography)
7. Casual Shot: Wearing Converses on your wedding day is not only comfy, but also allows for an adorable couple’s shot like this. (via Anna Kuperberg Photography)
8. With Pearls: If your “something borrowed” happens to be a strand of pearls, photographing it with your veil and shoes is a must. (via Denise Lin Photography)
9. On a Limb: Even if you didn’t think you’d feel up for tree climbing on your wedding day, it’s totally worth it to get this shot. (via Shoot4U)
10. Ampersand Shot: Thanks to the ampersand sign trend, you probably have one lying around the house. Use it to recreate a gorgeous shot that you’ll cherish forever. (via Megan Michael Photography)
11. Bridesmaids Shot: Your feet aren’t the only ones deserving of wedding day attention. Get the whole gang together to catch this unique angle. (via Anna Kinchen)
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