How fantastic is this Lego-themed birthday party that we set up for little Leo’s 10th birthday celebrations at the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman? The ballroom was full of fun, life, balloons and a million of the famed Lego colors. The ballroom doors were replaced by custom giant Lego doors designed and created by our in-house Celebrations Artists. Upon entering the ballroom, a thunder of balloons in the classic Lego blue, red, yellow and green greeted the guests. A giant screen was set up for the  kiddies to enjoy a film or two while each at their Lego stations, sitting on our comfy pillows and crafting their own creations. Table centerpieces were adorned with little Lego men poking out from behind the roses. Custom printed Lego banners titled each station and stretched across the ballroom walls to with young Leo the happiest birthday! An all-around fun-filled event!







*10th Birthday Lego Party by Celebrations*