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10 chocolate ideas for your wedding day

1) Serve up kisses for your guests – of the chocolate variety, of course.


2) Guests will love dipping marshmallows and fruit into melted chocolate at your reception! (Keep napkins on stand-by just in case there are any mishaps…)


3) Is there anything sweeter than the chocolate buffet? We think not…


4) Add chocolate spoons to your dessert table for some playful big-day sweetness.


5) The cocoa bar makes a great addition to a winter wedding. Cheers!


6) Chocolate doesn’t grow on trees – oh wait, actually it does. #Divine


7) We love this idea – use sweet teacakes as place settings for your guests.


8) Winter wedding? Keep guests warm by serving up a cute mocha tube, complete with marshmallows and personalized label!


9) We bet you won’t see anything more delicious than this Flake wedding cake today…


10) Chocolate strawberries are rather lovely at the best of times – let alone when they’re decorated with cute iced details. (Spot the tux!)


*10 Chocolate Ideas For Your Wedding Day*
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