There’s nothing wrong with traditional and a gorgeous guest book to keep forever and pull off the book shelf to revisit once in a while to reminisce is quite a lovely idea! However, there are plenty of other unique ideas that will make for statement pieces on your special day and also translate to gorgeous decor ideas for the home. Talk about filling your home space with positive energy and love! If you’re seeking something slightly offbeat, we’ve got a treat for you! Check our our compiltation of some of our favorite ways to bring the good vibes home with you!


1) Have your friends and loved ones mark up a vintage globe with all of their kind words and well wishes.



2) An envelope wall is possibly one of my favorites. The shadows of the triangular closures of the envelopes create the illusion of 3d geometric shapes – a very cool additional element to modern or minimalist wedding. Added bonus: fun with envelope colors!




3) Have your guests sign their names or well wishes onto individual puzzle pieces. Perfect to later store in a mason jar and pull out as an activity once in a while or frame and use as a decorate piece for the house. Puzzle shapes can come in many variations and picking your favorite is probably the most fun!




4) Collecting old vinyl discs is as easy as a stop by your local thrift shop – or the click of an order online. If you’re a music lover, then this is the perfect idea for your wedding (especially if it might be a music themed wedding); however – if you aren’t a huge music lover or having a music themed wedding, you can still enjoy this idea by selecting vinyls of classic love songs or romantic artists and maybe even play the songs during your reception… There are plenty of ways to tie this idea into your wedding and they can be framed later for some cool personal artwork!




5) A Guest Book Quilt!! What better way to warm up on a chilly day than with all of the love of your friends and family wrapped around you?




6) Similar to the idea of the envelope wall but much more compact and mobile: A flip-heart frame! The adorable factor of this one if through the roof! Have your guests sign or initial the backs of each heart halves. Whether you select a solid colour, rainbow or ombre, this one will truly make for a sweet piece of art later on.



7) DIY this one with some chicken wire and a shadow box. Your guests will adore this rustic Country Charm Wooden Wish Box instead of a traditional traditional guest book! A unique guest book alternative, this box will be full of memories, wisdom and kind words after your wedding. It can easily open and close with the latch front and is sure to make a sentimental display in your home.



8) Jenga Guest Book! With each of the pieces signed with love and well wishes, you and your sweetie can enjoy some hot coco in the winter and a game of Jenga followed by the ultimate session of heart-warming reminiscing!




9)  Message in a bottle! Possibly the most romantic thing about this one is that your messages will remain safe and secure for years to come and some day down the line, your grandchildren can enjoy cracking it open and reading all of the love your friends and family have for you and your future. Whether you choose to bury it as a capsule or crack it open as soon as you get home, this one makes for a fun method of storing the love!





10) Finally, get creative with individual guest book cards, compiling them to form a piece of art afterwards. We’ll leave you to your imagination with this one, but we job love the ballooning of positivity pouring out of the household per the compilation below. Just lovely!




Happy Planning!